“When I began as Roberta's client, I was feeling overwhelmed, unhappy in many aspects of my life, and uncomfortable in my body.  As a result of Roberta's support and my active engagement as a client, I began to feel energized, fit, and strong.  Through my participation in the 6-month program, I rediscovered my passion for life and am happy once again!” 

Jennifer Knight

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 “Working with and getting to know Roberta has been a pleasure for me. She is a great source of information whether it be for personal growth, nutrition, or dieting. One of the most valuable lessons I received was to realize that it is possible to change my behavior towards food, interactions with people and goals for personal growth. All were attainable with the tools, resources, and encouragement that Roberta provided.”

 Liz Fauteux

"Working with Roberta was a process of becoming more conscious, taking steps, however small, towards inclining a shift in bad habits - worth any fear that may constrain one.  During our time together I have made many observations, become more aware of what choices I am making and have begun to include foods in my cooking I've never even looked at before.  So many new and old wonders. 

Roberta is wonderful in sharing weekly material, introducing all sorts of things I've never read that can offer insight and the necessary fundamentals for making a difference in your self. After each session, her prompt and thoughtful emails serve to remind and comfort you in the day-to-day ways and alterings.  She gives and allows you to let go and feel a sense of trust integral in facing life-long habits.  I have recommended her to friends and watched them transform in many exciting ways within eight weeks.  I feel lucky to have gotten to enjoy and benefit from the depth of her caring."


“I began working with Roberta when I was experiencing a great deal of stress caused by a major lifestyle change.  I was emotionally overwhelmed and had begun to gain weight by choosing comfort foods.  At that time I had been so outwardly focused on meeting the needs of the significant people in my life, that I had completely ignored my own, creating a very unbalanced inner and outer life.  Through Roberta's superb listening abilities, her compassion, and her expertise in educating me on "primary foods", I was able to follow her recommendations, which enabled me to mentally and emotionally calm down and make better choices.” 

 Judy V.      

Roberta's support was crucial to help me confront mental and emotional patterns that were holding me back from a healthy and calm lifestyle. Her continual reminder that I was in charge was probably the most powerful teaching I received.  I feel confident that going forward on my path, I will do better as I now know better.  Roberta's approach is positive and self-empowering!  Thank you, thank you!

 Patty B.

"After going through a life changing experience, several of my friends and many individuals I didn't know became my healers.  Roberta Kirn was one of them. Our weekly meetings focused on nutritional counseling and getting every aspect of my life back in balance. What she taught me, and what we learned together about healthy eating and living continues to be part of my daily practice. I looked forward to her weekly emails, which were great reminders about what we discussed and what I had to focus on. Through my work with  Roberta, I found that what works for me is very simple, eat lots of greens, half portions of everything else, drink lots of water, exercise and have a positive attitude! I cannot thank her enough for caring so much and being a part of my journey back to health." 

Laurie Schreiber